Network Security, Enterprise and Data-Center Firewall

Network Security, Enterprise and Data-Center Firewall

Securing the Data Center

This introductory white paper outlines basic considerations for securing Data Center Networks.

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NGFW 101

What makes a firewall a Next Gen Firewall? Watch this video to learn about the basics of NGFW and some tips you should know before you get started, and turn it all on.

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Protect Your Critical Applications and Data in Amazon AWS

FortiGate for Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers all the benefits of well-known NGFW features and interoperates natively with Amazon EC2 and VPC environment for the best end-to-end security protection in Amazon’s Public Cloud. Take FortiGate for a test drive today!

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Test Before You Buy: Avoid the Top 2 NGFW Regrets held by IT Pros

Learn what IT professionals who have purchased Next Gen Firewalls say they would do differently if they could do it all over again. Watch this short video on how to follow their advice and how to avoid their mistakes.

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webinar imageWhy Your Firewall Strategy Isn’t Working: All About Internal Network Firewalls
July 9, 2015   Register
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July 9, 2015   Register
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August 1 - 6, 2015   Register
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